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Amanda Bailey is a certified ThetaHealer® who loves helping you clear your limiting beliefs and bring about positive change in your life. Amanda believes that we can be limited by what we believe to be true about ourselves and our potential and this can be changed. Using the ThetaHealing® Technique to achieve this can be a swift, profound and often joyful experience. She is a Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing Instructor for those who are keen to learn this technique, either as a powerful tool for their own development or to work as a ThetaHealer with others. Amanda is based in Bristol and Somerset but works globally via Skype/video call and is very happy to teach in other countries in partnership with a local host.

To find out more or to book a ThetaHealing® session by video call or face to face with Amanda contact her today by email or on 07813 303402.

Amanda sees Meditation as an important way to reconnect with our true selves - often buried beneath the roles we play to others in our life. Learning to meditate and bring meditative practice into our lives can literally be life changing, bringing a sense of space and wonder to everyday living. Amanda offers Meditation courses, groups, individual coaching and workshops to teach techniques and attitudes that foster a meditation practice. She is also offering personal and spiritual development workshops in 2018 and beyond.

To find out more or to book a Meditation coaching session by video call or face to face with Amanda contact her today by email or on 07813 303402.

Amanda is offering ThetaHealing Basic DNA on 16th/17th/18th February 2018 in Weston-super-Mare. She also runs workshops in meditation practice and personal/spiritual development.

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Please contact Amanda on 07813 303402 for more information or click here to email. You can also follow Earth Angel Therapy on Facebook for the latest news.

“I struggled to believe that I could be a ThetaHealer but practice, belief and trust were the keys I found worked. Just trust the process, hand the responsibility of the outcome to The Creator, and believe in what you are doing - magic then happens." Sheila Blamire

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Meditation workshops and audios

Amanda runs Meditation Tasters and other meditation workshops at Cowan House and in Somerset and The Chiron Centre in Bristol. She is also delighted to offer her first body scan meditation audios on free download with a silent background and with an ocean wave background. There will be more to come in this series, so keep checking back.

Amanda offers both 1:1 sessions and training in the Theta Healing® Technique in Weston super Mare & Bristol. She is also available worldwide for 1:1 sessions by video call/Skype.

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