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Earth Angel Therapy Massage, Healing & Meditation in Weston super Mare

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Deep Tissue Massage

This is a style of massage which reaches structures far beneath the superficial fascia to attempt to relive chronic muscle problems or injuries.

This unique form of massage works on four levels:

  • Physical - Working deep into the muscle tissue to realign free blocked energy that manifests as stiffness, aches and pains. This process encourages deep relaxation.
  • Mental - As blocked energy is freed from your body the mind begins to release stress and negative thinking. This reestablishes the ‘body/mind’ connection.
  • Emotional - Blocked energy occurs in the body when the energy of an emotion is not appropriately released. Over the years we may store this energy in the same areas, creating ‘hot spots’ of pain and discomfort. Through D.T.M suppressed emotions can surface and be released, bringing you peace of mind and more energy for the present and zest for life.
  • Spiritual - When mind, body and heart come into balance the spirit shines through, bringing light into our lives and showing you what is truly important.

"An operation left me with muscle scar tissue, causing very stiff and ‘knotty’ neck and shoulders. I went to Amanda and tried Deep Tissue Massage and the positive effects were enormous. The dull ache disappeared and neck and shoulder mobility was completely restored. I was able to get back to a normal physically active life.

"It was so beneficial I have been going to her for treatment once a month for the last 15 years. I would highly recommend Amanda's 'hands on' treatment to anyone... it works and the health benefits are huge."
Pete Burden

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In Japanese ‘rei’ means universal and ‘ki’ the vital force that flows through all matter. All illness and dis-ease occur when the natural flow of life energy is being impaired in some way.

Massage, Reiki & Meditation. Reiki

Reiki goes straight to the cause of this dis-ease, not just the symptoms and helps to release blocks, thus restoring the balance of energy needed to heal.

This force is activated during this ancient form of healing and channelled through the therapist's hands into the client's body, enhancing the body's own natural ability to heal itself.

"Thank you for such an amazing healing. I am honoured to have a true earth angel in my life. Lots of love xx"
Tania Bodalia

Massage, Reiki & Meditation. yoga-girl-fw


Amanda runs Meditation Tasters and other meditation workshops at Cowan House in Weston-super-Mare. She is also delighted to offer her first body scan meditation audios on free download below, with a silent background and an ocean wave background.

There will be more to come in this series so keep checking back.

"I attended Amanda's meditation workshop. Amanda's knowledge and experience in this field was very much experienced during the meditations which left me feeling relaxed and keen to further explore. I would highly recommend."
Rachel Jelbert

Amanda also offers training in Theta Healing Technique, which is a meditation and prayer based healing.

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